Trying to stay on track with an exercise routine is a very common challenge. Often, one will start a routine, train hard for a few months and then tire of it. Although everyone is motivated to exercise for different reasons, exercise fatigue or “yo-yo” exercising can be attributed to several common obstacles.


  1. Make time to ensure success. Pre-schedule exercise into your daily/weekly routine as you would an appointment.
  2. Choose types of exercise/activity that make you feel good and suit your personality type. “One size does not fit all.”
  3. Keep your workouts short; approx 30 to 60 minutes. Exercise doesn’t have to be time consuming to be effective.
  4. Set attainable goals with realistic time frames. Make both short & long term goals and develop a way to measure your success.
  5. Maintain focus on the results you want to achieve. Post your goals or a picture of something that represents your results in an area that you look at often.
  6. Keep your routine simple. Make sure to include muscular strength & endurance, flexibility and aerobic training in your exercise regimen. However, once you’ve developed a routine, your energy is best spent doing your workout & not in thinking about how to do it.
  7. Hold yourself accountable and monitor your progress by logging your workouts in a journal.
  8. Change your exercise regimen every 6-8 weeks to avoid exercise plateaus and to keep your workouts interesting & enjoyable.
  9. Find a workout partner that has similar goals. A partner will hold you accountable to your workouts and will make it fun too!
  10. Look at the big picture. Taking notice of the changes that occur from within, I.e. increased energy, better sleeping patterns, decreased stress levels, etc., will enable you to enjoy the process. Fitness is a lifestyle, not just an end result. Be patient & esthetic results will come!


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