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Toronto, Treadmill Rental*

My wife and I absolutely love the treadmill we are renting from HHC Toronto. It is smooth and quiet, and even better than the one we used at our old gym. We have tried for a long time to get into shape, but were just not having any success until we found HHC. They provided a trainer that showed us exactly what we needed to do to suceed, and we are finding it way easier to exercise at home and would recommend HHC to anyone looking for a better way to get in shape.

Needless to say, we are never going back to the gym, and are very thankful that to HHC that we can now do everything we need to at home.


Toronto, Treadmill*

The treadmill from HHC became a part of the family. My husband and even our young daughter used it to improve themselves such as I did. We are very glad we did this especially for the fall and winter months as we could exercise without having to go out in inclement weather. We were very pleased with all the additional accessories that came with the treadmill, plus all the features found on the treadmill itself. The exercise ball, the exercise mat, and the weights made our exercising more complete. The staff at HHC were very helpful and very nice.


West Toronto, Personal Training Client*

It was Christmas 2012, I stepped on the scale and decided enough was enough. I wanted to find a trainer in Toronto, but since I am new to town, I was dreading the time it would take to find the right one, I almost didn’t even start looking. But I found HHC on Google and was really intrigued that their service was not based in a gym but on finding someone to come to the gym in my apartment building! How convenient, this was brilliant. Their rates were very inexpensive, and it completely removed all my usual excuses, and makes the most of time.

A few emails with HHC and they suggested Ilona. We scheduled by email and agreed on a time and after a health and lifestyle assessment got right to work. I’ve been training with Ilona for 10 weeks now and have enjoyed it completely. Don’t get me wrong she helps me work, hard, but safely, and has been building up the intensity and variety of my training each session. I don’t need to think, just show up and do, Ilona does all the planning and makes it easy to train. We started once a week and have now built up to three. I have a busy travel schedule and Ilona has been flexible and works with me to make sure I get my training done.

Through diet and training I have already lost 15 pounds and look forward to continuing my healthier lifestyle.

Thank you!



As a nurse, I knew I was running out of time living the sedentary sofa life. I decided to change but I knew I couldn’t do it alone. Being super-sized, I was too embarrassed to go to a gym. Luckily, I found HHC and made the call that literally saved my life! An HHC representative helped me to choose the equipment and a program to suit my specialized needs. The premium treadmill was solid, sturdy and simple enough for a fitness newcomer to understand, but also had enough options for me to change up my daily routine to not only avoid boredom but to keep challenging myself as my fitness improved. HHC even sent help right to my home when I needed a little equipment “intervention!”

Having the equipment right in my home made it possible for me to work out daily, with no excuses. It wasn’t a daily grind – it became treasured “Me-Time!” Thanks to HHC, I lost over 100lbs and not only changed but saved my life. Simple and convenient – that’s why HHC works for me!



I originally was just looking for the convenience of a treadmill in my home that had a TV built inside. I found HHC on line and contacted them. From the initial phone call, to the complimentary consultation with a Wellness Expert, I found the representatives to be professional and engaging. I was not even looking or thinking of getting a Personal Trainer, but felt at ease with HHC and wanted to make the investment in myself, as I felt as though they would be the right fit for me. I have been with HHC for over a year and have found their professionalism has only been surpassed by their going beyond the call of duty. I have been thrilled with the results, products and services that they have provided and would highly recommend HHC to anyone. Whether you’re looking for cardio equipment, a Personal Trainer, or both – they will exceed your expectations!


North York*

I’m a working single mom, and I wanted to get into better physical shape. Time is definitely a factor, so going to a gym isn’t practical for me. I thought having a treadmill or elliptical bike in my home might be a good way to start, but I didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars on equipment. I looked on the web for rental exercise equipment and ended up with a total solution when I found HHC.

So now the ‘gym’ is at my place. HHC delivered and set up my cardio equipment, and I can swap or change equipment if I want. The fitness assessment and goal setting were key to developing a custom training program that is just right for me and changes as my needs change. I also hired a Personal Trainer, who comes to me at hours that are flexible and fit my lifestyle. She is always upbeat, enthusiastic and encouraging and continually shares her knowledge of fitness and nutrition. HHC is the perfect solution for me!


Toronto, Elliptical Rental*

After a stressful year that led me to totally abandon a healthy lifestyle, I was searching for a way to get back on track – a kick-start to healthy living. I not only wanted to lose weight, but gain strength and energy. I was really fortunate to discover HHC. Although, like most women, I had been on many diets and fitness programs, my Trainer taught me how to successfully balance my nutritional goals with a realistic fitness routine that included cardio and weight training. I really looked forward to the sessions! Although they were challenging, my Trainers patient, caring, and positive approach inspired me to work hard. Her wealth of experience and expertise helped me to create a personal blueprint for success. As a result I am now fitting into clothes I have not been able to wear for a long time. More importantly, I am confident that I will continue to make progress and not only achieve my ultimate goals, but maintain them.


Oshawa, Elliptical Rental*

I would absolutely recommend Home Health Canada to anyone who wants to be the best they can be! On my own, I had lost 35 pounds in six months, and dropped from a size 16 to a size 12, and had started to plateau. In the first week with my Trainer, I dropped from a 12 to a 10! My Trainer was outstanding! Before my first session, she visited my home and gave me a personal fitness assessment to ensure that she was putting me on a program that was right for me and to fully understand my personal goals. She helped me to attain my goals of weight loss through her personal attention to my nutrition and workout program. I learned exercises and nutrition tips (including doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach to burn the maximum fat and exactly what is in a “serving” of protein and carbs) that I had never known before! She understood my limitations and pushed me to get the best out of me each session. I have been able to better cope with the stress of everyday life, sleep better at night and have more energy for my day. If you want to be your “personal best,” all you need to do is meet the trainers at Home Health Canada!



Before I began training, I had always done some form of aerobic exercise or sport activity. However, having reached an age where osteoporosis is a distinct possibility for me, I knew that simple cardio workouts were not enough. I knew that I had to strengthen my bones as well, and that calcium supplements & dairy products in my diet would not be enough to compensate for bone deterioration in my senior years. In addition, in spite of eating a nutritious diet and walking regularly, I suddenly found that I was carrying a few extra unwanted pounds.

Since I began training, I am more conscientious about nutrition, I feel stronger, I have lost inches, and I feel better knowing that I am doing everything possible to remain strong and fit through my “boomer” years. Furthermore, my trainer, by developing a personal plan for me and making me accountable, challenges me each day to strive and reach beyond my goals to achieve the best results I can.



For the first time, I am more dedicated and motivated than ever to reach my health and fitness goals. HHC gave me the tools I needed to begin a lifelong journey towards a healthy lifestyle. Being fit both mentally and physically is no longer a distant wish, but a reachable and realistic goal. Thank you HHC!



When my first child was born I made the decision to exercise out of my home. I cancelled my gym membership and instead decided to join my wife with her Personal Trainer doing in-home partner training sessions. In the beginning, I didn’t believe the workouts would be as serious as the sessions that gym Trainers offer, but was amazed at the intensity of each session and how few exercise tools and space you really need! I enjoyed saving time not travelling to the gym, and not skipping a session when I didn’t feel like working out, because I knew our Trainer was coming straight to our house! Our Trainer also gave us nutritional guidelines which helped with the planning of our meals and my wife and I had a lot of fun competing against one another. We also rented an elliptical from Home Health Canada so that we could do our cardio at home. It was so easy! They delivered and set-up the machine, showed us how to use it and work around our strength training regime and also had flexible options to upgrade and buy the machine out. We would recommend taking advantage of all that HHC has to offer to anyone!

KATE D. (23 YRS)

Toronto, Treadmill & Elliptical Rental*

While my elliptical was being installed, HHC’s Wellness Expert gave me great advice about nutrition, how to use my elliptical effectively and the importance of strength training. I also hired an HHC Personal Trainer to help me to reach my goals. I would recommend HHC to anyone!


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