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Private, Partner, Group, Boot Camps


On-Site: In-home, Office, Condo, Outdoor, Pool


6 & 12 week programs are most common, but packages can be tailored to meet each individual’s goals, availability and time horizon


Range from $60-$90 per session, based on duration & frequency.


• Payments may be made by cash, cheque, debit, or credit card (Amex, MC, Visa)
• A drivers licence or SIN number is required for all payments made by credit card or cheque
• Client must pay prior to the commencement of the training sessions (initial & post-dated payments must be received)
• Packages may be financed over the period of training (e.g. 24 sessions, twice/week may be financed over 3 months) and first payment must be received prior to the first training session.
• All packages/sessions are subject to HST (13%)


• HHC has a 7 day money back guarantee (prior to the beginning of training)
• Clients sessions are also transferable to a friend or family member with HHC’s written consent.


It is our expectation that our trainers will fulfill the entirety of each client agreement whenever possible. In the event that a client is dissatisfied with their trainer in any way, HHC will find a suitable replacement with the appropriate availability.


• Sessions are 60 minutes in length. Clients should be adequately prepared (per their Trainer’s advice) prior to the scheduled start time of each session, in order to derive the maximum benefit of each workout.
• Training journals are provided to record each client’s training regimes and progress. Journals are typically left with clients, who are encouraged to use both the nutrition and training log.
• Nutritional guidelines should be reviewed prior to each session.
• Client progress will be regularly assessed and documented, by way of both fitness assessment (circumferences, body fat, weight) and physiological progressions (strength/endurance gains.)
• Progressive/periodized programming is employed by HHC trainers to ensure “planned results.”

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