Program Director

Since earning a Diploma in Fitness and Health, Meagan has been actively involved in the Fitness Industry for over 12 years and continues to pursue a healthy and active lifestyle herself. She has maintained Certifications as a Personal Training Specialist (SPI), Certified Fitness Trainer and Practical Assessor (CPTN), Certified Fitness Consultant (OASES), BOSU Trainer (TWIST) and as a Golf Fitness Instructor (Kelly Blackburn).

During the course of her career, Meagan has co-hosted four provincially televised fitness programs produced by ROGERS Cable Television, entitled The PVL Finally Fit Challenge 1 & 2, Interactive Fitness 911 and Living Well with PVL. She has also written various fitness columns and articles for magazines and newspapers, has facilitated local fitness & wellness seminars, and has been a Professor in the Fitness and Health Promotion Program at Durham College. Meagan is also a CPTN Practical Assessor for aspiring Personal Trainers in the Toronto region.

Meagan has trained a wide variety of clients ranging in age, demography and fitness level and has helped to inspire many to overcome personal obstacles and to accomplish their goals. The drive behind her career stems from the success of her clients and many like them who have chosen to adopt fitness and well being as a vital component of their lifestyle.

Through her experience developing and leading a large team of Personal Trainers within large Fitness Clubs, Meagan recognizes the importance of having a Personal Trainer to attain your goals, stay motivated and keep the workouts fun, interesting and effective. She believes everyone can benefit from personal training and is confident she will pair you with a Trainer that will match your unique needs and goals.

“It can be hard for people to get fit and maintain their lifestyles on their own, so it’s always gratifying to help someone finally get there after so many unsuccessful tries and failed methods.

We are committed to helping people believe in themselves and reach their greatest potential. Through a combination of coaching, education, motivation and support, our vision is to assist every one of our clients in reaching their personal goals and achieving lasting results. We want our clients to feel physically, mentally and spiritually fit, one step at a time.”

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