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Since 2007, HHC Home Fitness’ mission has been to help Canadians get, and stay, healthy and fit by delivering the safest, most convenient and affordable home fitness solutions available anywhere.

HHC's unique exercise programs ensure you get the results you want, from the comfort of your own home. Every time.


Most people don’t have the time, tools or know-how to achieve a level of fitness that is supportive of good health, and even those with a great degree of determination have found that the existing options have proven largely ineffective.

“Our mission is to help Canadians get, and stay, healthy and fit by bringing you a convenient, affordable in-home solution that makes achieving balanced fitness (strength, flexibility, cardiovascular and nutritional health) possible.

HHC customized products and services are unique in their ability to meet the three essential requirements of a fitness regime: affordability, convenience and physiological effectiveness.”

– Alex Letchford, President

Since pioneering the delivery of a monthly-fee home fitness solution in 2007, HHC Home Fitness has helped thousands of Canadians achieve levels of fitness and overall wellness that they had simply been unable to attain previously.

Researching, evaluating, installing and maintaining home fitness equipment is no easy task, but HHC makes it that way. We take care of every last detail, from your equipment to your training, so you are left with only one thing to worry about: how much different each day will be for a healthy, energized new you!

No aspect of healthy living is more important than the habits that are developed and carried out at home. That is why HHC is dedicated to providing you with the healthy living solutions you and your family need, in the place you need them most: your home.

HHC is a proud member of the Better Business Bureau


We are always looking for talented, experienced and passionate people to become part of HHC Home Fitness. Contact us today!

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